About Us

Our Aim

To Create a Payment Ecosystem with the Lowest Fees And Fast Transfers Which is possible on Tron Blockchain.

Our Aim

Project PSRS is based on TRC20, has some great Features Secure, Useful Product based on Tron Blockchain. That will include Easy Cryptocurrency Payments Integration, and even a Digital Arbitration System.

Company Roadmap

  • Birth of Project PSRS

    At the End of April 2020 We plan to Develop Safe & Secure, Smart, Efficient, Transparent, Reliable and Easy-to-Use Token and Started Working on It.

  • Team Created

    In the First Week of May 2020, the PSRS Team was Created and Token PSRS also has been Created.

  • Airdrop 1st Round Planing

    Launch of Airdrop 1st Round with PSRS Team. Until End of Aug Start the Distribution of Airdrop 1st Round.

  • Airdrop 2nd Round and Good Listing Planing

    Launch of Airdrop 2nd Round, and Discussed with PSRS Team about Token Listing on Good Exchange.

  • Staking Platform Ready to Launch

    The new Version of Staking Platofrm has already launched by Developer Admin.

  • Launch Of PSRS-TRX Staking Pool

    Launch Of Psrs-Trx Staking Pool

  • Launch Of Psrs Gaming Platform

    Launch Of PSRS'S Own Gaming Platform

  • Launch of decentralized exchange

    Launch Of PSRS'S Own Exchange

  • Launch Of Ecommerce Website

    Launch Of PSRS'S Own Ecommerce Website

  • Launch Of Psrs Mobile App

    Launch Of PSRS'S Own Mobile App

PSRS Token Detail









Total Supply

10.000.000 PSRS

Circulation Supply

10.000.000 PSRS

Already Listed On

Upcoming Exchanger

Frequently Asked Question

Project PSRS is a platform for the future of funding that powering data for the new equity blockchain.

The tokens are fully compatible with ERC20 Blockchain. So for the developer who wish to use the multiple tokens for their dapps can benefit from this as well.

Our team is up to build a secure, useful & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

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